Equipment and Facility Rental

We started as a one man freelance unit and understand the need for flexibility in projects for independent film makers and studios that need additional equipment from time to time. Our edit rental and equipment services are open 24 * 7, the media industry does not sleep nor do we.

In order to improve our facilities constantly we will soon be the first Studio in North India to offer Credit card payments for equipment and edit rentals.

By adding a state of the art Audio recording facility, we aim to provide 360 degree solutions.



We offer a fully integrated HD/SD Final Cut Studio edit suite. With end to end solutions, final mastering, Graphics, Chroma Key, Encoding, audio recording, transcribing, logging etc. We are equipped to handle any output you require, from web to broadcast. You could also avail the services of our experienced editors and get access to a variety of playback formats. Take advantage of our graphics team and stock footage archive for any shots you might be missing.