Riverbank Studios:

Riverbank Studios was set up in 1973 by internationally recognized filmmaker Mike H Pandey. Based in New Delhi with over 35 years of experience in filmmaking, the studio is a wholly integrated set up equipped to handle the entire film pipeline from pre-production, production to post production including animation and VFX.
Our productions are diverse; wildlife and environment, corporate and advertisement films, feature films, entertainment series for television, children’s programming, animation and public awareness campaigns.

tve: Television for the Environment:

tve produces, co-produces and distributes a wide range of programmes on environment, development, health and human rights issues for broadcast and non-broadcast, educational and campaigning use worldwide. tve has outstanding experience of producing intelligent, engaging factual programmes which bring together journalistic and creative film making techniques to present key issues and arguments in programmes that have an impact with key audiences The objective is to raise awareness and challenge perceptions among stakeholders at all levels.

tve programme output includes documentaries for our two long-running flagship series, ‘Earth Report’ on the global environment, and ‘Life’, on globalization and social development issues, including gender equality. Both series receive first broadcast globally on BBC World News and are then made available – via tve Partners and tve’s London-based distribution office – for regional and national broadcast and non-broadcast dissemination worldwide.

tve works with 50 partners organizations in 49 countries across the developing world, grouped into three main Networks – in Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America & the Caribbean. tve Partners are independent organizations, with their own constitutions, objectives and governance structure, who share tve’s aims and values of using film and video to raise awareness and stimulate debate about environment and development issues.
On many projects that are collaborated between Twenty Four Frames and tve, we release language versions of our films globally including the South Asia region.
tve is uniquely placed to ensure that our films reach the target groups, as well as a broad spectrum of stakeholders and general public. Distributing DVDs is a regular part of tve South Asia’s outreach work, and we have distributed tens of thousands of DVD sets across the region. Our films have reached over half a billion viewers across South Asia on national and regional channels in many languages.
In the past tve and TFF have suggested to clients that there could be opportunities, using websites and other social media, to reach out to an online community as we did for our film Life Apps: Mobile Harvest where an online community of over 1,500 people are working to take forward the development of a mobile phone app which started as the subject for a documentary. These platforms are popular with people interested in the topic and also add to the extent and life of the project’s outreach.


The Centre for Global Health Research (CGHR) is an independent, not-for-profit organization co-sponsored by St. Michael’s Hospital (Toronto) and the University of Toronto. Founded in 2002 on the principle that effective health initiatives must be supported by reliable, evidence-based research, CGHR was created to conduct large-scale epidemiological studies in developing countries. CGHR’s mission is to lead high-quality public health research that advances global health for all, with particular attention to the world’s poorest populations.
Current projects at CGHR are designed to generate and disseminate evidence of the major causes of premature mortality among the global poor. Research areas include maternal and child health, tobacco control, health policy and economics, and gender inequalities.
CGHR has offices in Toronto, Bangalore, and New Delhi. Funding is provided by grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the US National Institutes of Health, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and St. Michael’s Hospital, and the University of Toronto

Drukpa Lineage:

About His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa
His Holiness is the head of the thousand year old Drukpa Order, which is based in the Himalayas and has millions of followers worldwide. The India-born Buddhist spiritual guru, His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa is an active proponent of Peace and Harmony through putting compassion and love into action. He is most lauded for promoting gender equality and awareness in environmental issues. His mission is to promote universal harmony and inner peace by integrating the spiritual tenets of love and appreciation into daily life. His work includes promoting gender equality; establishing educational institutions, medical clinics and meditation centers; and rebuilding heritage sites in the Himalayas. He is the founder and spiritual director of the award-winning Druk White Lotus School in Ladakh, India, which provides its students with a modern education while preserving their local culture. In 2007, His Holiness founded the not-for-profit international humanitarian organization Live to Love. In September 2010, the United Nations honoured His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Award for the Live To Love’s efforts to “create compassion into action”.
His Kung Fu nuns were featured on the Life Series broadcasted by BBC World News in September 2011. He also led Ladakh in breaking the Guinness World Records for “Most Trees Planted” category on 10th October 2010. He is also the founder of the school in Ladakh which featured in the popular movie “The 3 Idiots” and is now more popularly known as Rancho’s school
About Drukpa Lineage

Indigo Creative and Chandramouli Basu:

Indigo Creative is a film production, photography and a design consultancy firm by Chandramouli Basu. Chandramouli is a senior media professional with over 27 years in broadcasting. He has created several award winning series on television, in diverse genres spanning both factual and fiction. What he enjoys most is making documentaries and still photography.

He has directed and produced shows and films that have won several national and International awards like the Hero Honda ITA, Indian Telly Award, RAPA, IDPA Awards and the Asian Television Awards. He has worked for diverse clients like National Geographic, Discovery, Travel and Living Channel, Star World, Star Gold, MTV, BBC World, Doordarshan, Zoom, Zee TV, National AIDS Control Organisation, UNICEF, Population Services International amongst others.

Apart from creative, he has worked in senior management roles, including Head of Programming for Miditech. Other than mainstream factual and entertainment work, he has extensive experience of working at the grassroots levels across India and abroad on social issues ranging from HIV, to sanitation, governance, maternal health and many others.